Whether you are starting a new business, facing market changes, or commercializing a new product, Northstar Consulting can help your business grow and expand. We take a fact based and data driven approach to planning and strategically implementing your next steps. Our team of experts will take a multi faceted approach to your growth plans and help your organization navigate the waters to prosperity. We will prioritize your actions, identify strengths and weaknesses, and take advantage of opportunities, while minimizing the exposure to threats. Our strategic plans will identify what is needed to make your business grow.

Northstar Consulting is a team of consultants specializing in business strategy, project management, event planning, and economic development. Northstar Consulting has extensive experience in the Smart Energy, Construction and Advanced Manufacturing sectors and has delivered a number of signature events and conferences. Northstar Consulting leverages its skill set in engineering and business to deliver results for its client base. Northstar focuses on projects that are present a technical challenge and are in line with its vision to bring prosperity to the North. Northstar Consulting is a project driven consulting firm that strives to achieve results using fact based, data driven decision making techniques.

Grow your Business cultivate your ideas

We shape your business ideas and create way forward plans that position your organization for success.

OUR vision

Flawless execution of business strategy coupled with meticulous project management.

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can foster long-term client relationships and experience incredible success.  We will work to deliver results, add productivity, reduce costs, implement change, and execute strategic plans. 

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